Boho Chic Necklace

I'm that person who can't pass up a sale on beads. As a result I have jars of them. I saw this idea somewhere and thought it might be a neat way to bust a little bead stash.
 You will need some linked chain, beads (of course) and head pins. The holes in my beads were so big that the heads of the pins slipped through so I used seed beads. This turned out to be a nice design element for my necklace.
 I threaded a seed bead or two on my pin, added the larger bead, then ended with another set of seed beads. Using my needle nose pliers, I folded the end of the pin over to form a loop.
 I put one bead on each link then wound the end of the loop around to secure it.
 A flat cutter (I thinks that is what it is called) is useful to snip off the excess pin.
Add a clasp and you have a very cool and colorful necklace. Gee, I don't have very many beads anymore. I better see if there are any sales on them. (It never ends)


Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

This is impressive. That is a lot of beading. I admire your handiwork - I always have a hard time neatly looping and cutting the excess head pin.

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