Color Bloc Cuff

Most of my leather samples are of the brown variety but tucked away are a few colorful rebels; red, orange, yellow and sage. Shocking!
I took a soft black strip, folded it in half and sewed it down the middle then turned it rightside out. Next I cut 3 squares out of various colored leathers (I find that the backs are more colorful than the front finished sides) then 3 smaller squares out of contrasting colors.
I decided that it would be smarter to assemble and sew each square before I attached it to the black strap. After I layered the two squares I sewed on a metal bead that I tied on the back with a square knot.
The zipper foot was a good choice for sewing on the squares. Use a leather or denim needle and go slowly. You don't want to break a needle or two like someone else I know. (don't ask) Fold the ends over and sew them shut too.

I used sticky backed velcro dots for the closure of this cuff. I was going to sew them on but those suckers are pretty sticky so I saved myself a step. Whew!


Nadine @ Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache said...

Oooo I'm so diggin' this! After collecting leather purses for a year then ripping them apart I have tons of leather pieces that I could use to make something like this. Great idea!

Terri Jacobo said...

quite clever! i really like this look too! this would make a great gift for a few peeps i know and i love how it can be customized to one of a kind to fit the persons style. thanx for sharing =)

devil jiang said...

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Anoosh Iqbal said...

Wow! It's an amazing project. I have got many inspiring ideas from it which I'll be trying soon. Upcycling is so much fun and helpful; giving new shape to old things. You must check out this book too!

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