Table Numbers

I was asked to provide some table numbers for a friend's wedding with the idea that they could be grouped together and hung on a wall as an interesting piece of art after the event. I don't really have a tutorial for this idea because it is so individual. The best thing is to show you the end result and walk you through it.

You will need as many shadow box frames as there are tables and anything with a number on it. Lucky for me, I have a bunch of stuff in my studio. As you can see, I had bingo cards, scrabble tiles, playing cards, stamps and dominoes, just to name a few. A trip to the hardware store yielded some address numbers. I fashioned large numbers from wire and rubber stamped others onto shipping tags.

I downloaded appropriate pictures from the internet, such as, "Chapter One", etc. then I printed them on watercolor paper. As the theme was "vintage", I rubbed brown shoe polish over the paper. You can skip that step if you wish.

With a heavy bodied glue like Goop, I adhered the appropriate numbered items (all ones together, all twos together, etc.) in a pleasing arrangement, to the watercolor paper and framed them. Placed on individual tables, they let the guests know where to sit. They now hang over the newlyweds' couch providing a nice big focal point in otherwise minimalistic living room.


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