Strung Along For a Birthday

Every once in awhile you need a special birthday card. Try this one.
Download the letters that spell "Happy Birthday" here.

white card stock
small round kraft-paper box
thin ribbon

1" diameter hole punch
sharp scissors
glue stick
double stick tape (optional)

Print the birthday letters on a sheet of white card stock. Turn the hole punch upside down and place each letter in the middle of the opening. Punch.

Cut a 1/2" strip of paper from side of the paper then punch out all of the letters around the edges. Cut two lines along the inside edges of the punched holes (refer to the above picture) in order to reach the inside letters and punch them out.

Leave about 3 inches on the end of the ribbon then rub stick glue on the back of both "Y"s. Stick them together sandwiching the ribbon in between. Leave about a 1/2" space then place the "A"s on the ribbon as before. Repeat until all the letters are glued to the ribbon. Place the "happy" tag at the end. Leave a 6" tail on the ribbon then cut it at an angle.

With the sharp end of your scissors, poke one slot in the center of the bottom (excuse the mess but it is hard to take price tags off of these boxes) and two slots each 1/2" on either side of the center on the top. Thread the "Y" ribbon end through the bottom slot and the "happy" end up through one slot and down through the other slot on the box top. Glue or use double stick tape to adhere the ribbon ends to the box.

Accordion fold the letters on top of each other and place the top back on the box.

Wrap the thin strip of paper through the ribbon loop and around the box, glueing or taping the ends together on the bottom. Write a salutation.

Have your recipient tear off the paper strip and pull open the top using the ribbon loop. Shout "Happy Birthday" in case he can't read fast enough.


Hannah Evans said...

AHHHH amazing!! I love this, such a fun idea :-D I would love to try this. Pinning now! Thanks for sharing!

Hannah ♫
Sew Lah Tea Dough

C-bone said...

OH, Gosh! Tomorrow is Will's Birthday and we celebrated after meeting you and seeing your house and gushing over ideas your place inspired and then THIS! So happy to have access and knowledge of your vast imagination and resource base - aka you!
Christine + Will!

eggie said...

I love this!! Realy great!!
I put it on Pinterest.
thank you for sharing.

auntiejenni said...

i love this....thank you so much. i couldn't download the letters as scribbd or whatever makes you pay to download it. i think there are other places that you could put these that don't make your readers pay to download them. i will pin it to my pinterest site.

Feral Turtle said...

What a cute project! I am pinning this as it is such a great idea!

Tival said...

Hello, I have an award for you... Come pick it up :-)

Gail said...

Thanks auntiejennie for alerting me to the scribd faux pas. I thought I had transferred all of the patterns to Google Docs but obviously I forgot this one. I have now rectified my mistake. Enjoy!

Printingtextil Natasha said...

Very good idea!

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Gülce Korkmaz said...

Cute! What a fun card. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

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