Irish Fortune Teller

We used to call these cootie catchers and they seem just the thing for a St. Patrick's Day dinner. We're all into fusion now so consider this a fusion of Japanese (origami) and Irish (shamrock) traditions.
 Take a piece of green index card and fold it on the diagonal so that you have a perfect square. Cut off the excess.
 Open it up and fold it on the opposite diagonal.
 Open it up again and fold each point to the center.
 Turn it over and fold the points to the center once more.
Turn it back over and refold the horizontal and vertical folds; pressing firmly.

At this point the loose points should pop up. Take your scissors and cut off each point to make a heart shape.
 You now have a four leaf clover cootie catcher er....fortune teller.
You can write numbers and irish sayings on your fortune teller or download this template here and print it onto a piece of green paper. Fold as above.
Play by inserting your first fingers and thumbs under the numbers (1,2,3,4). Ask your partner to select a number then open and close the paper as many times as the selected number. You will find the irish numbers from 1 - 8 inside. Ask your partner to again make a selection. Open and close the paper while you spell the irish number. When you have reached then end ask him to select a section. Open it to reveal an irish saying.
Or, just turn it over and fill with nuts. I remember when a table wasn't consider well-dressed unless it had nut cups.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Rita said...

This is so fun! Thanks for sharing.

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