Silhouette Vase

Let's say that you want a fancy vase but all you have is a cheap square glass one. Can't Stop Making Things to the rescue!

square glass vase
contact paper
flat black spray paint

old credit card
single edge razor blade (optional)

Clean your glass vase. Download the vase pattern here. Enlarge or shrink to fit your container. Cut it out of contact paper and carefully stick the negative (everything but the vase) on the glass. Cut out areas like the insides of the handles and stick them onto the glass also. Burnish every edge with an old credit card.
Spray two or three very thin coats of flat black spray paint. Allow to dry then carefully peel away the contact paper. Clean up any overspray with a single edge razor blade.

Wrap your flower stems with a long thin leaf (daylilly in this case). Fold the blunt end down by the flowers heads. Wrap the leaf over the folded end and continue to wrap along the length of the stems. Tuck the pointed end under the wrapping.

If you take off your glasses and step back, it might just look like you have a very fancy vase. Okay, I know you won't fool anyone but it's a fun way to show off your flowers.


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Jamie -Better With Age said...

That's so cool! Love it ;)

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