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I find a bunch of black formica samples in my stash. They remind me of tiny chalkboards.
 Too slick for chalk, I grab a white paint pen and cross my fingers that it will like formica.
It Does!!!
Thread them on some beautiful ribbons for unique napkin rings/placecards or name tags for gifts. I find that you can erase the paint with a damp Scotchbrite scrubby and start all over, just like a real chalkboard.  


Jeannie-JB said...

That's pretty darn awesome. Great idea!

Eliza Kay said...

Super cute! It would be fun to spell something out with them also:)

I found you via Anti-Procrastication Tuesday and I'm your newest follower:)

I hope you'll stop by:)

Eliza K Prints

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Gülce Korkmaz said...

Cute! What a fun card. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

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