Roses are Red

I had so much fun making leather roses that I thought I would embellish a plain purse I bought on sale at Target.
I forgot to take a picture as is because I was so excited to get started. I have to say I like it with the one rose.
 I had some white leather roses left over from another project but I wanted to make some red ones too. My red leather was kind of dark, but the backside was perfect. I wanted to see if I could curl the leather from the front side (yep) and I liked the idea of different textures - smooth white roses and suede red ones.

First I cut 3 sizes of ameba shapes from 1" to 1.75" in diameter.
I held the edge of the red leather about and inch above a lit candle with my needle nose pliers. I faced the finished side toward the flame because I wanted the fuzzy side to bubble and curl like the petals on a flower.

The leather will curl in just a few seconds. If the edges get singed, don't worry as they will be curled under and won't be seen. If it bothers you, you can trim them off.
Next you will need a pop rivet gun, pop rivets and rivet washers. 
I folded each petal in half and cut a tiny slice in the middle just big enough to accommodate the shaft of the rivet. I needed to use a hammer and large nail to make the hole in the purse flap. Thread the leather onto the rivet as pictured above. (the piece of black leather represents the purse)
Once the rivet is in place, place the nail-part into the opening in the gun. The opening should absorb the entire nail and be right up against the flower. Open the gun as far as it will go then squeeze the handles together. You will hear a "pop" which means that the nail has broken off and the rivet is set.
 The rivet should just be long enough to stick up just above the washer. Rivets come in all sizes. This looks to be about 5/8" long but I'm not exactly sure as this was in my stash already. If the rivets are too long they will have long stalks on the backside of the purse flap. I did find that you could pound the stalks down for a flusher finish if you need to.

There is one tricky part. The washer wants to fall off. I takes at least two times of opening and then squeezing the handles together to set the rivet. I hold the washer on for the first "squeezing" then let go for the second. The first time makes the shaft large enough so that the washer won't fall off.
 I'm debating if I should find something to cover the rivets in the centers of the roses but for right now I kind of like the bling. (I'm so low maintenance that my bling is a rivet and not a diamond)


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