Look-key, Look-key

Have you ever noticed that certain objects multiply if left in dark places? Wire hangers, bills and keys come readily to mind. I'd been playing with a way to make a sunburst mirror when I stumbled upon this box of keys. A new project was born!
wooden circle (this one is 6")
old keys (about 40 for this size)
round mirror (this one is 4")
brass screws (20 flat head and 20 domed)

small drill bit
screw driver

Lay keys around the perimeter of the wooden circle, allowing the notched areas to overhang the edge. Drill holes into the wood at the key openings that are a bit smaller than the diameters of the screws. Use the flat headed screws to attach the keys.

Glue the mirror in the center.

Surround the mirror with the rest of the keys with the tops overlapping the mirror's edge, offsetting this row. Drill holes as before but use the domed screws for this layer.

I used slotted screws instead of phillip's head for an older look.
The domed screws give a more finished look, but use the flat heads on the first layer so that the top layer lays properly.
Predrill all holes as brass screws are soft and the slots tend to bend if you force them with the screwdriver.
Check your junk drawer and ask friends. I'm sure you can come up with 40 keys in no time.


Jill said...

This is so cool! My boyfriend moved into an old house and there are about a million keys in the garage that we don't know what they're for! I've always wondered what i should do with them!

fatmonica said...

This is so inspired!Just love it.

Ciara Baron said...

That such a unique idea, and it looks amazing!

Ciara x

Lu Holthausen said...

Ficou lindo, e reciclar hoje em dia é tudo.

Emma's Lunch said...

That looks great! I love it

Liberty said...

I love the eclectic feel of this project!! Job well done... it's amazing!

Artsy VaVa said...

What a cool idea! Love it!

Q @ JAQS said...

How creative! :)

If you get a chance, love for you to share this at my Link Party:


dogsmom said...

Just yesterday I found a tutorial for making more keys from clay in case I can't scrounge up enough.

Martha's Barefoot Designs said...

What a clever idea. And, how fun!

Tales of a Trophy WIfe said...

This is my favorite sunburst mirror idea ever!

craftytexasgirls said...

Very creative! Good use of keys! Visiting from the 36th Avenue.
:) Samantha

rebeca trevino said...

this is terrific! i wonder if it can be expanded to use 1-200 keys? i bet it would be really heavy though . . . but it is beautiful.

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

You rock! A totally original sunburst mirror and I love old keys!I would love for you to come link up at my party going on now through Sunday night!

Toodie said...

I don't know what it is about old keys, but we all seem to love them. Never would have thought to make a sunburst mirror though! I love it!

Crafty Mischief said...

What a fun take on the sunburst mirror! I love it! I found you through Think Pink Sundays. Thanks for sharing! :)

Kristina @ ReMadeSimple said...

Wow! So creative-love this idea and pinning it. Now where can I find some old keys??

katy said...

This is way cool! I've saved keys over the years, but also thrown many away :( Thanks for the inspiration.

Heather Anelie Holloman said...

This is so pretty! I love the idea, thanks!

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