Strawberry Christmas Tree

Do you want to knock their socks off at the annual Christmas buffet party? Bring this. It's not that hard, but looks spectacular.
I usually use a styrofoam tree, but I found this papiermache one at Michaels. It's about 13" tall. You don't need to buy one any bigger because the strawberries increase the size considerably. (You actually might want to buy one a bit smaller when you read the rest of this tutorial)  

Buy an 8" cardboard cake round for stability and a doily for disguise.

I bought 3 - one pound cartons of strawberries (ones with smaller berries)at the grocery store and 2 packages of chocolate candy melts from Michaels, but I've used semi sweet chocolate chips in the past and they have worked just as well.
Cover the tree with waxed paper. Tuck in the ends and tape to secure it to the cone. Use melted chocolate (I microwaved it) to stick the tree to the base. Cut a hole in the doily and slip it over the tree.

Separate the strawberries by size and remove the greenery. Dip the large ends of the biggest berries in the chocolate and place them on the bottom of the tree. Add the next layers with the medium sized berries, saving the small ones for the top.
Okay, this is a craft fail. It was too late and the grocery store was too far away, when I ran out of strawberries. Inspiration struck. I spread chocolate on the top of the tree......
.....then scooped the melted chocolate into a small plastic bag, snipped the tiniest hole in one corner, piped a few stars on a piece of waxed paper and popped them in the fridge until they hardened. Using a bit more melted chocolate, I added a couple of stars onto the top of the tree.
Now tell me that this isn't elegant. It sure beats the baby carrots and onion dip I usually bring to these soirees.


The Johnson Familia said...

awesome idea! and I love your blog title. It sums up my life :)

Suzanne said...


the cape on the corner said...

this would knock the socks off the boyfriend, that's for sure. great idea!

Veronica said...

Phew , you don't socks are off! A Delectable tree~! Pinned it to make.

Tasssels Twigs and Tastebuds

shopannies said...

love it I saw another friend using strawberries for a christmas cupcake as well super cute thanks for sharing come see what I shared at

Venassa said...

Wow I never would've guessed the strawberries would stick so well. And the stars are awesome!

Tammi Evette said...

So elegant!! I made a tree last weekend for a Christmas breakfast with donut holes! But the strawberries are incredible!!

Space 46 said...

Oh my golly! To die for, I'm sure it is delicious! Would love love love for you to share this at our party going on now Happy holiday! My

My Profile said...

Love this idea, very clever, I will be trying this for sure!


addicted said...

Perfect, juuuust perfect!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

So people just pull off a berry to eat? How fun!

Rose and Heather said...

Ho my gosh! I Just love it! Please come and link up @ my Christmas Party. @
Thanks Rose and Heather

Gina said...

What a great idea! It looks so yummy. Love the addition of the chocolate stars tree topper.

inhale, exhale - it's good for you said...

That is just too yummy looking. Great idea!!

~Iffy~ @ StayAtHomeNation said...

Yum! Yum! Yum! I'm stopping by from the Tip Junkie party. I would love for you to check out my blog & link this up to My Favorite Things party! It's going on all week,
& be sure to check out my giveaway too!

Cinthya said...

We're having Christmas brunch at our house this year and I just have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

Kate Lewis-Driver said...

oh what a fabulous tree! i must try this! Visiting from funky junk's linky party :) Merry Christmas!
Kate x

Kerstie said...


lucymagoo127 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lucymagoo127 said...

To make it look even MORE like a tree, you can use white chocolate that is dyed green to dip the strawberries. Use a powder or gel-based dye instead of water-based so the chocolate doesn't seize.

phylw said...

Question??? Are the strawberries difficult to get off the tree to enjoy??? How about using a toothpick in the strawberry dipped end and into the styrofoam cone?? Suggestions???? This is definitely an awesome idea!! Thanks for sharing.

The Sparkle Queen said...

Hi there! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I’ve included this post in a recent list on my blog: 30+ Edible Christmas Trees {Sweets & Treats}. I’ve made sure to set a link so my viewers can find all of the details here!

I hope you can check it out:

<3 <3 The Sparkle Queen

Luciana Possas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luciana Possas said...

Hello from Brazil ! I am surely trying this here. Don't know if the chocolate will hold to the cone in our 40 degrees Celsius summer Christmas but will try anyway ! Cheers and Merry Christmas you all !

Wanda said...

I saw pictures of your creation on a post from Raw for Beauty on FB with no link to your website. I just did a search for strawberry Christmas tree and found your site!! I was so excited! I love pinning things but HATE it when I can't link back to the source! So now I've pinned it with a link to your blog post! Yeah! Thanks for the brilliant idea!!

WUVIE said...

Love it, thank you for sharing!

Being Inspired said...

Yours looks so much more elegant than my attempt!! I couldn't find a styrofoam cone and my strawberries just would not stick!! It was still a hit though. :) Thanks so much for the idea!

SamIAm said...

Almost finished mine ready for Christmas Day tomorrow! It looks incredible. I have done one layer at a time, refrigerating in between to let the choc set, for stability. I've also used a syringe to fill some of the gaps between strawberries with extra chocolate. Thanks for this lovely idea! :)

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Angie - Bumble Bee's Craft Den said...

Looks fab!! Thanks for sharing x

Ashley Clark said...

I would use a waffle cone and buy a can of cool whip and kind of "snow flake " the strawberries

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