Rock Star

Rock his world on Father's Day.

smooth rock
foiling pen (gold leafing or rubber stamp department of Michael's)
silver embossing powder
Stazon black ink

heat gun
small alphabet rubber stamps

Draw a star on the rock with the foiling pen. Let it dry until clear (about 5 minutes).

Place the rock on a piece of copy paper and cover the star with silver embossing powder. Turn the rock over and tap it lightly to let the excess powder fall onto the paper. Use a small paint brush to remove any stray bits of powder. Fold the paper slightly and pour the excess powder into its container. Replace the lid (important - you don't want to accidentally melt all the powder in the container). Heat the star with the heat gun until the powder melts and the lines get shiny.

Stamp "You Are A" on the rock.

Get it? I'm sure he will. Happy Dad's Day!


Shanarun said...

This is hilarious, I love it!

baby gifts said...

Nice! This is a very creative gift to give. Thanks for the wonderful idea. I probably try it! =)

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