Stone Grabbing Jewelry

I found this opaque piece of glass in a bag of glass drops at the flower arranging area of my local dollar store. I love the rustic rebar wire setting against the smooth elegance of the glass.

rebar wire
glass drop
thin wire

wire clippers
needle nose pliers
small dowel (optional)

Bend the rebar wire into five tight loops with the needle nose pliers. The loops should extend about 1/2" beyond the edge of the drop. The end of the fifth loop should overlap the beginning of the wire as shown in the picture above.

Pound the wire flat. I hammered mine on a bench block ( a flat piece of steel) but a cement garage floor will do in a pinch. Take a 6 inch piece of thin wire, place the center of the wire in the middle of the fifth loop. Wrap the wire on either side of the fifth loop together with the beginning wire. Clip off the ends of the thin wire wrap and tuck them inside so they will be hidden by the drop when assembled. Bend the four other prongs up and over with the pliers. I like to over-bend then back them out slightly to accommodate the glass.

Place the drop in the middle of the prongs and gently squeeze them over it. Buff the wire with paste wax to prevent the steel from rusting.

Hang the pendant on a cord or make a matching jump ring by wrapping the rebar wire over the small dowel. Clip the ring with wire clippers so that the ends match. Pound it flat. Twist the ring open and use to connect the pendant to a neckwire or chain. Twist shut.

Who needs Tiffany's?


Gail said...

Several people have asked about rebar wire. It's readily available at hardware and the big box stores. It is steel and very flexible. Plan to use it in a number of projects because, although quite inexpensive, you get a big roll of it.

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