Egg on Your Face

Well maybe not egg on your face - around your face. And maybe not egg but egg shells. What I do to justify a clever title. Well maybe not that clever......

A craft revisited. I first used this idea here. Colored egg shells are used this time to enhance a frame.

food coloring
picture frame
black paint
white glue
clear nail polish

paint brush
wooden skewers

Dye your eggs with a mixture of food coloring and vinegar. Peel the eggs and remove the membrane. Separate the colors. An empty egg carton is good for this.

Paint a frame with a wide flat surface, black. Allow to dry.
Paint an area with glue, about 1" square on the frame. Place a piece of shell on the glue and press down with a wooden skewer. The shell will crack. Reposition pieces of the shell with the skewer if you need to. Repeat until the frame is covered.

Fill in any large gaps with scraps of shell.

Seal the frame with clear nail polish. Place a picture of your favorite screaming baby in the frame and display for all to see especially those with perfect children or none at all.


Jenni said...

You are soo amazing! Thank you for sharing these awesome ideas with us!

samsstuff said...

An excellent idea! I would never have know that you used eggshells, if you hadn't told us

Its So Very Cheri said...

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