Wired Heart

This is a simple, elegant piece of Valentine jewelry. I wonder why I didn't think of this before.

heavy copper wire
stick pin blank
glue (Goop or E-6000)

needle nose pliers
regular pliers
bench block

Take a length of thick copper wire. Unfortunately, I don't know the gauge, but I imagine it is 14 or 16. I found this in the electrical department of my local hardware store.

Bend it in half (I squeezed the fold with pliers), then bent it back out partially. This makes for a nice sharp point. Curl the ends to form the top of the heart. Use needle nose pliers if necessary.
Pound the wire with a heavy hammer. You need to put it on a hard surface, steel is best (I used a bench block which is a piece of steel adhered to hardwood). A concrete garage floor works if you have nothing else. The heart will warp when flattened. Turn it over and pound from the other side to straighten it out.
Take a stick pin blank and glue a section cut from a feather to the flat end. Cut the feather piece to look like the end of an arrow.
Place the heart on the piece of clothing and pierce the fabric with the stick pin as shown above.
On your sleeve perhaps?


majeral said...

very coolllll

Malini, Dubai said...

Hi Gail,
I was googling some creative ideas for cards and gifts and came across your blog. It is lovely and filled with so many ideas. Hope you keep sharing them...:) god bless and good luck for everything you do.

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