Transfer Update

I've had a number of technical questions about this post on image transfers so I decided to reexamine the process.

For the original post, I dug into my stash of nifty stuff and found IBM Overhead Transparency Film which I used. The questions I got led me to believe that there may be other transparencies available out there that I might explore. Enter HammerMill Transparencies.

You are instructed to print on one side; the slightly rough side that has been coated. Trouble is, it hardly budged when I tried to rub it on the wrong side. No transfer, or rather a very weak one after lots of rubbing.

I tried spraying the image with hair spray. I got transfers but they were spotty at best. A little too much hairspray and the image smeared. I was unable to transfer anything but black. Was all lost?

One last college try. What would happen if I printed on the slick (wrong) side? Victory! Not only did the letters transfer rather nicely but I got a very interesting look with a color photo.

I guess this is a case for experimenting and breaking the rules. Something I heartily endorse.


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