Measured Days

Make this minimalist perpetual calendar out of a yardstick, a bead and some picture hanging supplies. What could be easier?

Here is a fun graphic calendar for the new year.

small eye screws (for picture frames)
thin braided cable (for picture frames)
red wooden bead (I painted mine)
acetone (optional)
sand paper (optional)
stick-on velcro

drill bit

Most hardware stores have yardsticks for sale for under a dollar. This particular one was a few dollars as it was made of slightly better wood and varnished. Either one will do. I have also found nice yardsticks in fabric stores without any logos. Even better.

You may leave the hardware store logo on the stick or remove it. If it is varnished, acetone will remove the advert. Use sandpaper to remove the wording from the unsealed sticks. Cover the numbers with masking tape while you sand so that you won't accidently remove the numbers.

Cut the stick off at 31 1/2 inches.

Drill small pilot holes into the ends of the yardstick underneath the numbers (1/4 and 31 1/4). Screw in the eyescrews. Thread the bead onto the cable. Thread the cable through the eyescrews, wrap the ends around the screw once and twist the cable end around itself to secure.

Apply one side of the velcro to the back of the yardstick and the other side to the wall.

Hang the yardstick on the wall and advance the bead each day.

Simple and elegant.


Lorraine said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Tanna P . . . aka said...

This is really simple, elegant and smart! I love it- may try my own!!

Davies Hall said...

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Chris Westerfield said...

So simple, so extraordinary, so useful! So many thanks from me!

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