Magic Wand

Do you know those times when you need something more than a card but less than a gift or when your gift sucks so you need to have a really neat something extra? This may fill the bill. Go to the after holiday sales and stock up on tinsel garlands.

dowel or stick
silver spray paint
tinsel garland
thin ribbon
parchment paper
white glue

hot glue gun

Sometimes I use a dowel for these, but I chose a garden stick this time because I think it has more personality. Spray silver then put a dollop of hot glue about 1/2" down from the skinnier end. Attach one end of the tinsel. Wrap the garland up, over and around the top of the stick; adding a drop of hot glue every so often to keep it in place. When the ball looks the right size, put hot glue at the bottom of the ball and glue the tinsel in place. Cut off the rest.

Cut six - foot long lengths (more or less) and fold them in half, but not evenly in half. Glue them to the stick just below the tinsel ball. When you have attached all six, cut another 1 foot length and wrap it around the tops of the ribbon, glueing as you go. Allow the ends to fall down with the others.

If you have one of those wonderful glassine envelopes, ignore these instructions. If not, get the parchment paper out of the kitchen and cut it into a 4 inch square. Fold it in thirds, overlapping by about 1/4 of an inch. Crease the folds. Open it up and fold the top and bottom about 3/4". Cut off the four corners along the folds then cut the top and bottom into half circles.

Glue the overlapping back pieces together with a very small line of white glue. Place a thin line of glue on one half circle edge and fold up to form an envelope.
Write "Birthday Wishes" on the front with an ultra fine Sharpie, then fill with confetti or glitter. *note - do not use that super fine mica glitter if you value your friendship. That stuff goes everywhere. I'm still wiping it up off the floor, my clothes and my dog. (sorry Martha)

Glue the top down and put a grommet through the top fold.

Thread one of the ribbons through the grommet and tie a knot to keep it in place.

If any wand can grant a birthday wish, this one can.


cucicucicoo said...

oh my gosh, i just found your blog and i LOVE it! i try to do a lot of crafts and other things using recycled materials too, but i don't get anywhere near where you do! some of the upcycling ideas are on my blog, if you're interested (and i also just started a giveaway, if you'd like to enter!). lisa

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kristy.lynn @ kristy.makes said...

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