Little Packages

Is is true that the best gifts come in small packages? If so, this is the smallest package ever. The gift is up to you. If you can't find an appropriate trinket, perhaps you can place a Thanksgiving fortune (is there such a thing?) or wish on a strip of paper and place inside.

acorn cap (large as possible)
Scotch tape
double stick tape
1 1/2" wide ribbon
leaf colored paper

hot glue gun

Cut a strip of cardstock 3/4" wide and a bit longer than the perimeter of the inside of the acorn cap. Curl it by drawing it across the blade of a pair of scissors like you would curl ribbon.

Roll the paper strip and fit it inside the acorn cap. Tape it together with scotch tape.

Cut a piece of wide ribbon a bit longer than the circumference of the paper strip. Place the raw edges of the ribbon against a hot electric burner on the stove or a curling iron. The heat seals the edges to prevent fraying.

Wrap double stick tape around the outside of the paper tube, then wrap the ribbon around the tape.
Place a tiny drop of hot glue on the outside edge of the bottom of the ribbon tube. Fold the opposite side over as pictured above. Place another tiny drop of glue in the center of the fold and attach each ear, one side at a time. It's best to place your index finger inside the tube to stabilize it while you glue.

Place your goodie in the box and then jam the open end up into the cap.

Cut oak leaves out of paper, add the recipient's name, glue to top. Lovely place cards for the Thanksgiving table.


Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

This is precious! I love it! You have the greatest ideas! I may use this on my table this year. I love the idea of a fortune inside or maybe a thankful!
Thank you so much for sharing!
Cindy said...

This is SO cute, I love these! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking.

laila said...

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i added your link to my site!

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