A Murder of Crows

I think that a flock of crows is called a "murder" of crows. Anyway, it sounds Halloweenish so I'm going with it. Although I'm doing this for Halloween, I'm making it more timeless so that it can be used year round. The Halloween season is too short.

old book
small glass panes (mine came from a light fixture, but small frames will do)
white glue (Elmer's)
scotch tape

old credit card
copy machine

Download pdf file for crows. Resize them if necessary, to fit your glass panes. Place the original on the bed of copy machine and make a copy. You should have a sheet of paper printed with crows.

Place book pages over crows and using tiny pieces of tape, tape them in place. Hand feed them through copy machine. Original should still be on the copy machine bed.
You should now have crows printed on each book page.

Put glue on glass and squeegee with the old credit card. Use a small amount of glue and be as smooth as possible to eliminate brush strokes. Carefully place book pages on glass. Turn over and gently squeegee with the dry side of the credit card to press out any air bubbles. Cut off excess paper.

Edgar Allen Poe would be proud.


samsstuff said...

A super cute project! Thanks for posting this & the frame project. said...

Those are so pretty! I agree, they're perfect for leaving out all year as well. Thanks for the great idea, I'll be linking.

suesueb said...

I loved your bracelet idea when I saw it posted but this is fabulous too!

Dana said...

I love these, great idea. I have linked back to you from my blog.

G said...

Sounds great but how could I hang them?

Gail said...

Please scroll down to the next post to see how to hang these. You can also use these with small black frames and hang them like you would any other picture.

Anonymous said...

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