Shoe Box

Horse shoes, that is. This would be a perfect gift for Dad for Father's Day, especially if you fill it with bottles of his favorite beverage.

Normally I just find a wooden box and attach horse shoes to it, but this time I thought I'd show you how to make the box. It is tres simple. I made this one with 1 x 6" pine (an 8 ft piece was $4.50 at Lowe's) cut into 12" lengths. You can make it any size that you want but I chose 12" as I understand that the guys at the big box stores can't make cuts under 12". You can have them make the cuts if you don't want to do the deed yourself.

4' 1 x6" pine board cut into 12" lengths
2 horse shoes
carpenters' glue
spray paint
black shoe polish (optional)
4 1" black dry wall screws


Somewhere I saw a sign that said "I make simple things because I can't make hard ones". I totally understand. I make rustic things for the same reason. This box is rustic.

Cut your board into 4 - 12" lengths. Place carpenters' glue on the cut ends of two of the lengths, position them upright and place one of the other length on top of them. You should have an upside down U shape. This can be awkward, so it helps to call upon a friend to hold things in place.

Nail the horizontal piece to the uprights, starting in the middle. Add a nail at each end. I used
1 1/4" nails with heads as they are easier for me to hit, but if you are going for a more polished look, use finishing nails (headless ones).

Turn your contraption over (you can dismiss your friend now), squirt carpenters' glue on the other ends of the uprights and place the last length on top. Nail it in place. Allow the glue to dry.

Place the box on your piece of masonite and draw around the outside. Cut it out a bit inside your lines. If you need to have this cut at HD or Lowe's, have them cut a piece 12" x 13 1/4" at the same time you have them cut the pine board. Glue the masonite to the bottom of your box and nail in place.

I live in farm country so old horse shoes show up in tag sales all of the time. I imagine if you call some stables (and they are everywhere, even in Manhattan) they can direct you to some.

I painted my box with brown spray paint and then aged it with my favorite black shoe polish, but you can stain it or paint it a color if you wish.

Measure and attach the horse shoes on the ends of the box with 1" dry wall screws. You may have to ream out the holes in the shoes with a small file to accommodate the screws.

This is a very strong box - perfect for carrying just about anything - even beer.

9 comments: said...

That is so cool! How perfect for this time of year, so many fun uses! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Miss Prudence said...

Serious problem with this Gail - fantastic idea but the shoe horses are upside down and the luck will run out of them - they should be upright (I realise this is absurdly superstitious!)
Great idea - I might have to case this idea!

Gail said...

I think a Dad would consider himself lucky to get a box full of beer. Perhaps that cancels out the upside down horse shoes:>)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I've been browsing through your gorgeous blog and saw SO many lovely ideas!

I'm your new follower...


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