Old As Dirt

Has (s)he reached THAT age? Celebrate.

cellophane bag (Wal-Mart, Target, Michael's)


Download the label here. Print using borderless letter size. Cut out one label (download has four) and fold in half. Fill bag with dirt and fold over that top. Staple the label to the top of the bag.

What could be easier?

Hope that they don't use this to plant a seed of revenge for your birthday. Dirt.....seed...get it?


Lindsey said...

That is really funny. I think I'll have to use this one. Go you and your simple turned hilarious makes!

Tina said...

Very clever idea! said...

Love it! Thanks so much for the topper too. I'll be linking.

majeral said...

Way to funny girl... (hint I am older than dirt I will be 67 next month) I remember when the earth was formed.
Love your stuff..

Tamara said...

for some reason there is no picture on this post. I remember seeing it another day, though. Really cute.

lambster said...

Can use oreos(double stuffedlooks best) as the dirt. Also attach a recipe for dirt cake which layers these with choc pudding and whipped cream. Or just leave as topping with ice cream.

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