Faux Cupcake and Ice Cream Sundae

I needed to make a giant cupcake for a silent auction. A trip to my local Dollar Tree was in order. In fact, everything for this post came from the dollar store except for the product used to make the whipped cream and ice cream (available at any hardware store).

I hadn't thought about making these for the blog until after they were finished so I don't have my customary step-by-step photos. I'll walk you through this.

plastic tub (paper paint bucket will work too)
plastic plate to fit top of tub
swimming "noodle"
red rubber ball from a paddle ball set
wooden skewer
kraft paper
Great Stuff
waxed paper

glue gun
serrated bread knife

Accordion pleat the kraft paper and wrap it around the tub/bucket, glueing each valley fold to the bucket, at the top and bottom of the pleats, with the hot glue gun.

Shave a diagonal piece out of the end of the kiddies swim noodle. Circle the noodle around until it is the same size as the circumference of the plastic plate. Glue the shaved end to the rest of the noodle with the hot glue gun.
Continue to glue the noodle in a spiral fashion; each layer slightly narrower than the last. A word of caution: you need to hold the glued areas together for a long time (probably a full 5 minutes). If you don't, the noodle layers will separate and leave this mess. There will be a large hole in the top of the noodle icing. Not to worry, we will cover it with "whipped cream".

Glue the "icing" onto the plate. Trim the rim of the plate so that it doesn't show.

Great Stuff is an expanding foam in a can. (The nozzle stuck open last night so I woke up to this cool free form sculpture) Spray the foam onto a piece of waxed paper. Work slowly to make a build-up of foam. It will expand, become smooth and take an hour to harden. Rip the edges off of the paper so that they don't show and glue the cream to the top of the icing.

Pull the elastic thread out of the paddle ball. Glue a skewer into the thread hole. Clip off the end of the skewer. Glue the "cherry" to the whipped cream. A perfect centerpiece for a sweet table.

I also made a faux ice cream sundae in pretty much the same manner.

ice cream goblet
Great Stuff
plastic spoon
brown acrylic paint
red rubber ball
wooden skewer

hot glue gun

Fill the goblet with Great Stuff. Allow to expand and harden for an hour. (when partially dry insert a plastic spoon). Slowly drip brown acrylic paint over the "ice cream" and allow to dry.
Pull the elastic thread out of the rubber ball and insert a wooden skewer. Shorten the skewer and glue to the top of the sundae.

Remember not to eat these or you might get "faux fat" and we don't need that!


Heather - - said...

How fun!! I'd like to link to this on Dollar Store Crafts later this week!

heather said...

Wow, you did such a great job! I love how creative you were with your materials. I'll be linking.

majeral said...

You did a really great thing, now I can have my cake and not eat it too!! That is so neat I must find a way to use them for some thing. go girl

Greta said...

this is too cute!

Miss Marilee said...

Oh my goodness!! These are amazing! A friend just sent me a link to this since she knows my obsession with cupcakes and I am in love.Oh how I wish I was at that auction!

Keisha - Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams said...

Will have to try and make that giant cupcake for my 'executive office'.

Nori said...

I LOL when I saw the can and what happened over night. Hilarious!

I love your blog and your creativity! I will definitely check back frequently to see what you're up to!

Kandra said...

Very cute - but just a warning that the foam in a can will yellow with age... :(

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