Bee in Skep

I'm always looking for clever ornaments for my garden. Bee skeps add a rustic look and are easy to make. You'll love this tucked among your summer flowers.

1/4" sisal rope
saran wrap

hot glue gun
black permanent marker or black acrylic paint

Cover a bowl with saran wrap. Turn the bowl over and begin to wrap with the rope. Wrap once and then run a thin bead of hot glue along the top of the rope were it meets the bowl. Place the next layer on top of the glue. Press to adhere to the layer below. You don't want the glue to ooze onto the outside of the finished skep. (It's not a disaster if it does - you can pretend that it's honey)

When you have reached the end, cut off the rope leaving a 3" length. Squirt glue into the small hole at the top, bend the rope and push the end into the glue. When set, wrap the base of the loop with twine. (this twine came with the rope and was used to hold the coils in place)
Remove the skep from the bowl. The saran will be stuck to the inside. That's okay. If the skep looks too short, like mine, turn the skep upside down and add more rope layers to the bottom until it is the right height.
Cut a short length of the rope and glue it together to form a circle. Glue it to the middle of the skep. Color inside the circle with a black marker or paint. Varnish the rope to protect it from the elements.

Sorry bees, it's only pretend.


3rdEyeMuse said...

that is so neat - thank you! said...

That is so cute! I love rope crafts. I'll be linking.

Sarah and Jack said...

These were popping up in all the magazines this spring and making one has been on my to do list. I am glad to see they turn out looking nice!

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It would be so wonderful to have this strange but particular ornament on my garden, I think that It could help to everything looks great in there.

Laura Rhodes said...

Love it!!

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