So Many Pops

I was amazed, on a trip to the grocery store, at just how many foods have either "Pop" or "Dad(dy)" in their names. Perfect for Father's Day. So this is a twofer. Buy as many "pop" foods as you can find or afford. Put them in a suitable masculine container (bucket, cooler, tackle box, etc.), wrap it up in cellophane, or just download this picture and make it into a card. Or do both!

I hope you come up with a suitable poem such as:

Pops and Dads, they're quite a few,
But none can be as sweet as you.

Okay, okay, not my best, I'll agree. You'll do better, I know.

Did you see how I made this digital photo look like a polaroid?


Shelli said...

Cute idea! I hadn't stopped to think of all the things with "pop" in them. Perfect! Thanks for the sharing! And yes, I love how the photo looks like a polaroid. My kids will love putting something like this together. Thanks again!

3rdEyeMuse said...

great idea!! thank you. :)

Mama Mel said...

That is such a cute idea! :)

Anonymous said...

I just put one of these baskets together for my Dad ... it turned out so cute! He loves candy and junk food, so this was perfect. I also printed out the accordian card to go with it. Thanks for the perfect "Pop's Day" gift!

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