Tunnel Vision

I know you are invited to at least one wedding this summer. Bring your camera. This is a neat way to present a special wedding picture. It's an old paper trick call a tunnel card. I like to frame it in a shadow box and give it to the married couple. You might even get away with not having to buy one of those expensive items on their gift registry. Materials:
4 copies of a photo that has a fore, middle and background.
shadowbox frame
2 pieces of cardstock
glue stick


In this sample, the frame and mat are 8" x 10". The photos are 5" x 7" with a 1/2" border all around. Accordion pleat the cardstock lengthwise. My pleats were about 1" wide. Cut them so that they are the same height as the mat.

Leave one photo as is. Cut out the bottom of the photo along natural lines to form the front of the tunnel. Make sure that you leave the right and left sides on all of the photos. Find at least one (2 is better) natural division for the middle ground of the photo. Cut along the division(s).

Glue the pleated card stock to the back of the mat. Glue the whole photo to the back of the card stock pleats, making sure that it lines up with the mat opening. Now comes the relatively fussy part. Glue the other photos onto the fronts of the respective pleats, lining them up with the whole photo. It is best if you do this back to front.
You should have a photo that looks like this one. Frame it and present it to the lucky couple.

9 comments: said...

Wow, I love this! What a wonderful gift! I'll be linking.

Diann said...

Gorgeous! I am going to try this on something very soon. Wow!

DiANAB. said...

what an awesome idea!

KRhea said...

I'm really glad I stumbled upon this. Great idea!

Naturally Me Creations said...

This is so lovely! I love the effect...

Well, you're probably tired of me by now, so i'll give it a rest, lol.

I've really enjoyed going through your blog!

Beauty Quips said...

Fantastic idea!

Lori E said...

Paper tole is really a dying art form. It used to be done in many, many layers and was very intricate. You have reminded me that I was given one as a gift years ago and I don't know where it is. Lol.
You did a great job.

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