One of my favorite design blogs, sfgirlbybay has done a post of chalkboards. I thought I'd show a few of my own.

This was done in a baby girl's room, just as you open the door. It's done in oil based paint. There was a bit of a mess and I discovered that vegetable oil removes oil paint from skin. The name was done from a stencil and since it was decided that it might be difficult to line up the letters, they were purposely skewed.
This is in my guest cottage. It seemed to be the best purpose for a solid core door. I used an entire can of chalkboard spray paint over a coat of primer. My guests enjoy the sentiment.
I rolled on two coats of latex chalkboard paint for this wall in my kitchen. As it is opposite my pantry I thought it would be the perfect place to jot menus and grocery lists. Unfortunately we love the drama of the black wall and the way that it shows off the artwork, so we haven't had the heart to mess it up with chalk.


lori said...

I was searching for recycled stuff today and came across these fun links

Meg said...

I am quite a fan of chalkboard paint myself.

Kristina with a K said...

I love the concept of the chalkboard paint but I am such a chicken! I would love to do it somewhere but I can't think of a good spot to do it. Plus we have orange peel walls through the whole house. Not sure if I could pull that off.

It's looks great in your house! The color really does make those pictures pop!

Gail said...

Chalkboard paint now comes in latex so if it doesn't work, repaint it. As for the orange peel, my favorite wall treatment is joint compound (wallboard mud) It's cheap and easy to do. I troweled it all over my walls for hand plastered look. If you are careful and go slowly, you can make it pretty smooth. When dry, it can be sanded. The beauty of black paint is that it won't show any little imperfections. I say, go for it. Just do a small wall or part of a wall.

Chere Randzin said...

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