Valentine Spinner

I have a thing for spinners so I thought it would be fun to make one for Valentine's Day. What is Valentine's Day without those conversation hearts? Time to combine the two.

circle from heavy paper (pizza or cake circle, chip board, wooden shape from craft store)
piece of copy paper
acrylic paints
small washers

japanese screw punch (or large nail)
paint brush
alphabet stamps
black permanent markers

Trace circle onto copy paper and cut out. Fold in half several times until you have 8 pieces of the pie. Place on top of the circle and mark the center and each pie piece. With a straight edge, outline each pie piece. Either draw freeform heart lobes or trace around the acrylic bottle. 

Carefully fill in the individual hearts with pastel acrylic paint, then place red and purple paint on a folded piece of paper towel. 

Stamp the alphabet stamps into the towel paint (test on a clean part of the towel) and spell out words on each heart. Don't worry if they don't come out perfectly as the words on the candies are imperfect also.

Outline the hearts with a fine black marker and fill in the negative spaces outside of the hearts with a broader marker.

Punch a hole in the middle with a japanese screw punch or a large nail. Thread a small washer onto a brad, add the key (key to your heart?) and a few more washers. Thread the brad through the hole, add another washer and fold over the ends of the brad


Joy said...

This is so inspiring! Thank you!!


Sigit Hartono said...

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jessica jones said...

This is really a great idea. you are very impressive with this idea of valentine spin.

Happy Valentines Day
Happy Rose Day

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