Ten Dollar Light Box

There is no need to buy an expensive light box if you will only use it once in a while. This one should be $10 or less.

shallow storage container with a rigid white lid
string of lights (miniature lights will do also)
Cut a hole out of the side of the box. Thread the plug through the hole. If you heat the plastic with a heat gun before you cut the hole, it will cut more easily and won't crack.

Plug in the lights and voila!


The advantage of this light box is that you can store all your stencils and materials in it when you are between projects 

7 comments: said...

Oh I like this one too!

Mama Bear said...

Ok so I clicked over here from One Pretty Thing and I feel really dumb asking this because I'm probably the only one but...

...what do you use this for?

When I clicked over I was under the impression it was a lightbox for photographing food, crafts, etc (I made one myself to take pics of my food projects).

But I totally don't know what this is for!

*sheepish and blonde*


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering the same thing. What is this for?

Gail said...

If you go to my full blog..(do this by removing everything but you will see that the post before this talks about light boxes used for tracing and embossing. It's odd that the same name is applied to 2 completely different objects with totally different uses.

duke said...

I made this just to see if what I thought would happen would happen and it did!
the lights melted the bottom of the plastic box with little indentations of where they were lying...
maybe I should have put a double sheet of heavy duty foil on the bottom first...

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