Baby Name, The Boy Edition

It's nice to make handmade gifts for babies and this one is so personal.

8 x 10" frame
8 x 10" mat with 5x7" opening
watercolor paper
watercolor pencils (or paints)
black ink pen

light box (see older posts for instructions on how to make one)

Open a new document 5x7 inch in Photoshop. Any word processing program should work as well. Type the baby's name, find an appropriate font and size it to fit. This font is called Rockwell. Print it out, place it on the light box and cover it with the watercolor paper. Center it with the mat then trace the letters lightly with a pencil.

Scribble the watercolor pencils on a scrap piece of paper and wet them with a brush. Fill in the letters with blocks of colors, varying the sizes of the filled in areas.
Outline the letters and the various blocks of color with a black pen, then fill in the color blocks with stripes, zig zags, circles, etc.
If the letters need a bit more emphasis, outline them with a thicker pen.
Don't stress at the imperfections, they lend a handmade look to this gift.


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