There are several 3-D movies coming out soon. I thought it would be fun to use Photoshop to turn photos into anaglyphs, the professional word for 3-D. You will need those special red and blue glasses. You can buy a pair from a comic book store or you can go online. I buy mine at but you can google "anaglyph glasses" and find many hits. You can also make your own glasses which I will show you in the next post.
Let's begin

Duplicate photo so that you have the same photo in 2 layers, one on top of the other.
Chose "difference"blending mode on the top layer.
Use the move tool on the top layer.
Nudge about 5 clicks on the right arrow of your keyboard.
It should look like this:
Return the blending mode to "normal".
Remove the blue and green from the top layer and the red from the bottom.
To do this:
On the top layer change the channel to Green and make both output levels "0".
On the same layer change the channel to Blue and make both output levels "0".
On the bottom layer change the channel to Red and make both output levels "0"
The top layer should be red and the bottom green.

Highlight the top layer.
Change the blending mode to "screen".
Put on your 3-D glasses and enjoy.
This tutorial assumes you know how to work in Photoshop. It's easy to learn from videos on youtube or by googling "Photoshop tutorials". 


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