Welcome to my brand new blog. What another blog? Do we really need another? I'm sure they exist, but I have not been able to find one like this so I'm writing the blog that I would like to read.  

All I want are instructions on how to make things; things that don't require special skills or expensive materials. Usually, when I find something that meets my requirements, the result resembles a cub scout project*; one that I wouldn't necessarily want to use or give as a gift. 

My mission is to provide instructions that require basic skills, no expensive tools or materials, yet result in professional looking products. 

I will be concentrating on crafts but may wander into decor and food once in a while. I'll throw in an occasional surprise too just to keep it interesting. 

I'm hoping to blog once a week, with at least one new project.


*There is nothing wrong with cub scout projects, in fact I have been a den mother. I just want to "kick it up a notch". 


picketty said...

i have had a wonderful ly inspiring time going right through your blog. My fingers are itching!
I cant understand why you dont have more comments

carla said...

Just found your site yesterday, and wow, I made it though to the beginning.

Your projects are just the kind I like and am looking for: do-able, thrifty, and nice looking.

Thank you - you have a great blog!

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