Game Board Art

This is so easy that it isn't even a tutorial but it just might be something you've never considered. I needed some artwork to fill a tight space; behind the headboard of a murphy bed. Game boards are colorful, fun, cheap and very flat. You can use double-stick velcro to hang them up, especially if you don't plan on playing with them again. Otherwise, use my favorite mini binder clips. Tap a small brad at the bottom of the board if you think they might slip out of the clips. I've had these in place for over a year and they haven't moved in spite of several openings and closings of the bed.   


hollesdottir said...

Very fun! I love this look.

Viagra Online Without Prescription said...

this is a very excellent game for anyone to have in this room, cause in this way we can play and entertain ourselves for a while when we are in the middle of nowhere.

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