Cheating at Scrabble

I meet with friends each week to play a heated game of Scrabble. We are too feeble-brained to memorize lists of acceptable words so we all consult our Scrabble dictionaries while playing . Although not permitted in tournaments, the official Scrabble rules permit this sort of thing when playing with children (or the memory-challenged). I compiled lists of frequently used words to speed up the game.

Print these out, back to back, using index paper. Have them laminated at your local copy store. Present them at your next Scrabble game. Bask in the glow of your fellow players gratitude.

These make great study sheets if you strictly adhere to the rules.
Log on to the sites below for full sized printable copies.


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

LOL! This cracks me up! I need to do this, I always loose to my husband!

steve fox said...

Someone got banned for life for cheating at a tournament. Looking at the tiles as he pulled it out of the bag. Whoops didn't like that one. Ah an A, a keeper.

lin liyi said...

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ramadhan alaziz said...

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